Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Going Home!!!!!

Yah! Well since this is a teaching Hospital I have had about 3 different Doctor's come in and tell me that we will be going home today, so not to disappoint each of them for bringing me the good news I act surprised and excited for each of It is just hard to find 3 different excited facial expressions....hahaha. Paula and I are both ready to go home and sleep in our own beds, and she just can't wait to run around she is so done with this laying in bed thing. I have been trying to tell her that when she is older that is all she will want to do. =) Well anyway, Paula had a good night last night but I must say it is really weird not having to get up and suction her when she coughs. She did do a lot of coughing last night though, which is a good thing to get out all of the junk. Another wonderful discovery she has made is drinking out of a straw! We were having such a hard time with her learning that, because she never drank out of a bottle she wasn't quiet sure how to suck liquid out of a cup or straw. So, on monday I put a straw up to her mouth and she took a couple of tries and juice came out so she has been a straw drinking fool the past couple of days....It is amazing the difficulties that come with having a preemie, developmental milestones that come naturally to a full term baby take time and practice for most preemies. I just thank my Heavenly Father every chance I get, to be lucky enough to have such a wonderful spirit so close to me. Paula with be 2 on the 13th and boy what a wonderful Birthday AND Christmas present!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well.....Paula's Doctor came in this morning around 8 a.m. and removed her trach. We had about 3 Doctor's, 2 Nurse's and a Respiratory Therapist in her room watching her and the monitor. As I looked around everyone was on pins and needle's. I guess this was what it was like watching the moon landing for the first Anyway, she did well, her oxygen saturation's where high 90's and 100 at times. I shared with her Doctor her oxygen was rarely at 100 when she had her trach and he was surprised. I was nervous cause he said that depending on how she did he might have had to put the trach back in, but like always she passed with flying colors. He stayed by her bedside for about 40 minutes and was real pleased with how well she was breathing on her own. Once the trach was removed she could immediately tell something was different and she stuck her pointer finger in her stoma (hole) and had a surprised look on her face as she looked at her finger, she was not expecting The Doctor said that usually when the patient is not ready for de-cannulation (trach removal) you will see signs right away like low oxygen levels, straining to breath and discomfort, Paula was showing no signs that she was not ready. After they gave her a breathing treatment and medication to help with any swelling around her stoma, and all the medical staff left, It was just my baby girl and I. I thanked my Father in Heaven for her, and allowing me to be able to witness his healing powers. If all continues to go well we should be going home tomorrow, but her Doctor did stress to me that at anytime she might need her trach replaced not to worry, her accomplishment today was a huge milestone. She has since began to really cry, and now can really begin to talk. She loves for me to rub and scratch her neck, she reminds me of a little kitten. Thank you again to everyone for your love and support and the many prayers in Paula's behalf. For those of you who did not know my Aunt Paula, she was a Beautiful, humble, amazing woman who taught others so much in her short 23 years on this earth. I couldn't have chosen a better name for my sweet baby girl and I see alot of my Aunts precious spirit in her. I like to think its because my Aunt took such good care of my baby before she came to me....

Monday, December 1, 2008

O Happy Day!!!!!!!!!

Well, the day has finally come. Today we went to Georgetown University Hospital for Paula's Bronchoscopy and Lyrnxosocopy (scope out her Trachea) and the Doctor felt she was ready to have her trach removed!!!!!!! She had some scar tissue that had formed just from her having the breathing tube down her throat for so long when she was first born. So the doctor removed the scar tissue and she the first night she will still have her trach, just to allow her trachea to heal, we will be spending a couple of nights in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). She will be closely monitored tonight and tomorrow morning her Doctor will come up and remove her trache completly. Thank you to everyone who had loved and prayed for her she is truely a miracle to be witnessed. I will be sure to post a update tomorrow.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, sorry it had taken me so long to post an update but my life has been a little bit busy these days. So much has happened in the past few months that I don't even know where to begin, this picture was taken on Mothers Day 2008 we were visiting Nana Dee Dee and had dinner. Since my last post we have bought a house, a 4 bed 2 bath rambler with tons of space. Paula is growing and amazes me every single day. She began to crawl the end of May while we were in the processes of moving and has just begain to walk!!!! My precious baby boy is looking more and more like a big boy rather than a baby...=( I am learning so much my second time As for Chris and I we are great, enjoying parenthood. He loves his job working with D.C. WASA and I am loving staying at home and watching my babies grow.